Featured: Hungry for Jelly Beans? Galaxy Nexus, Xoom and Nexus S Set for July Update


Well, well, well, if you've been paying attention to the live stream of this year's I/O conference and, let's face it, you should be. You've probably just watched a whole lot about the new features and polish coming to Jelly Bean 4.1 such as Project Butter, an improved camera and Google Now. We're going to be the place for you guys to bone up on these projects later on but, right now I have some more exciting and immediate news to bring to you all.

Earlier today, I expressed my worry on whether or not the Nexus S would get Jelly Bean and it turns out that I had nothing to fear. The Nexus S, the Motorola Xoom and of course, the Galaxy Nexus is going to receive Jelly Bean as an Over The Air update starting the middle of July. This is a relatively speedy turnaround for Google and something that I'm sure will please a large number of enthusiasts and developers alike.


Whether or not this schedule applies to all variants of the device, CDMA/GSM Sprint or Verizon versions is unclear right now but, it's more than likely going to result in delays for the Verizon version as it took those Galaxy Nexi a long time to get 4.04 earlier in the year.

Alongside the updates to devices, the Software Development Kit is available today for developers to get to grips with the added goodies alongside a new Platform Development Kit.

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