Featured: HTC Looking to Buff Up its Patent Portfolio


If you're HTC then you're probably looking over your shoulder every now and then looking out for that next lawsuit. Here at Android Headlines we're not huge fans of everybody suing everybody else. It doesn't help innovation and just creates animosity in the industry. Recently HTC have been the brunt of Apple's legal ire with the fruit company holding back the releases of both AT&T's One X and Sprint's EVO 4G LTE due to patent infringement. Apple weren't content with leaving it there and as such tried to secure a ban on a further 29 HTC handsets.

Of course, we could just say that Apple are only out to look out for what's theirs but we all know that Apple are only really afraid of losing even more market share. If there's one thing that Apple seem to enjoy it's a good lawsuit against a competitor and it's normally some kind of roundabout way to tarnish Android's name without having to go after Google itself.


To this end HTC are now looking to beef up their patent portfolio and the Chairwoman of HTC, Cher Wang, had this to say concerning there recent purchase of S3 Graphics; " will apply for patents in different fields, and we will also purchase different kinds of patents, such as those owned by S3 Graphics Co.". The comments were made at a ceremony marking the company's 15th Anniversary. Wang then went on to say that " Apple is a company with 'big muscle' and is famous worldwide, in the U.S. particularly, it will be able to stop us by all means. This is our challenge."

So, it seems that HTC is looking to gain itself a shiny new suit of armour to protect itself from inevitable lawsuits in the future and we certainly don't blame them in fact, we wish they'd one day put the smack down on Apple.

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