Featured: HTC Defends Why The One X Is Better Than The Samsung Galaxy S III


In the smartphone wars, people often think of it as a battle between Android and iOS, however, with several top manufacturers in the Android game, there's a battle for sales between each other.  HTC recently came out with the One X which has gotten great reviews and was finally sent out to customers and stores after being held up at Customs thanks to a past lawsuit with Apple.

With that said though, the company had to lower its Q2 outlook because of low European demand and the delays caused by their two latest smartphones being held up. Since the One X will have to go up against the Samsung Galaxy S III, they created special lists for sales teams which explain why the One X is supposedly better. With one page titled "Countering Objections", HTC actually does a decent job.


Some of what's said thanks to Android Authority:

  • GS3 is slimmer – Only 0.3mm difference, One X is lighter.
  • GS3 has removable battery – One X can easily last a full day,  non-removable battery allows for implementation of unibody design which is more resistant to dust and water.
  • GS3 has SD card slot – One X has 32GB internal storage plus 25GB of Dropbox storage.
  • GS3 has a bigger display – The Galaxy S III's display is less bright and blush especially from an angle and is lower density.

The documents also compare the specs.

  • 1.5GHZ quad core vs. 1.4GHZ quad core processor
  • Camera-wise, 70% better quality with f2.0, faster shooting, and faster startup.
  • Beats Audio vs. None
  • Brighter, clearer, and higher density screen vs. bluish, lower density screen
  • Polycarbonate body vs. plastic body

Of course there are some biased comparisons such as when it comes to design, but that's to be expected. After checking out all images which you can look at below, does seem that Samsung may encounter a bit of hesitation from potential customers if sales people use this knowledge to the best of their ability. Then again, chances are it will come down to design which is all a matter of personal preference.