Featured: Google's Mystery Communications Device Still Hidden in Secrecy


So you may have heard that Google has been very hard at work at producing their next major communications device. It still remains a mystery but we have picked up a few tasty tidbits of information we didn't know before. First off Testing has been extended till august of this year before Google needs to file it for review with the FCC. (The previous date to end testing was in July) This tells us that we more than likely will hear about it at I/O next month as the testing period will soon be over and FCC filings usually mean that release is on the horizon. Google's own employees are testing the device of course, inside their homes in 4 major cities around the US as well as at Google headquarters in Mountain View. The testing window was set to 6 months back in January when Google originally filed an application with the FCC for this new device. Details are pretty scarce but we have come to learn a few new things here and there about Google's most recent hush project.

  • Google is referring to this as a "personal communication device." This sounds like a, well….. Actually it sounds like it could be anything. But I'm personally hoping for something that pairs with a TV or allows me to control things in my home with android devices.
  • The device is portable and streams data and content. This is a promising revelation to come across as only wonderful possibilities come to mind when I think about this particular fact. I can possibly keep it my pocket. Or at the very least a bag and I can share content across various mediums and platforms while using this thing.
  • It has GPS capability, it supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and an AC adapter. GPS could mean it might allow for the use of navigation or directions via maps or perhaps just for location-based services. Bluetooth could be one of the ways it's used to connect and share the content that it will be capable of streaming, and of course the AC adapter means that its capable of being plugged in to charge.
  • Lastly it can be disabled remotely. This tells me that we should have the capability to connect our android devices to it and disable it at a moment's notice remotely from where ever we happen to be. While this sounds like a handy feature, I'm not quite sure what scenario I might be in that begs me to disable my device when I'm not at home, other than to just turn it off for the sake of turning it off.

Now I know these details are vague, but at least they shed some light on the whole situation and the ideas surrounding this concept they have floating out there. The sad fact is that the details listed describe many consumer electronics out there these days and it could potentially be anything. We don't know exactly what the device will do or what it will look like but it's still exciting. Some of you might think project glass is a good explanation of this new piece of equipment, but Project glass is still very much in the early development phase so it's unlikely that it will be making a debut on shelves any time soon.  It sounds quite closely to a potential media device that can be linked to your TV and controlled by an android device through an application of some sort. Maybe a Google produced set-top box of some kind?


It really could be many different things. The most realistic and probable type of device this may be really sounds like some sort of media hub though. The capability to stream content over Wi-Fi OR Bluetooth makes it versatile in the way that it can share and a media hub seems viable with those type of features. It makes sense that it would have an AC adapter because the device would need power to work. The one thing that throws off the scent a little is the GPS capability. Not sure why a media hub of some kind would need the use of GPS but perhaps just to geo tag the location of the streaming content? Or maybe to allow the use of maps on your TV? Whatever the case it's an interesting feature. We all know that [email protected] was discussed and introduced last year at I/O so it's very possible this might be the first product we see that carries these features. What do you guys think? Does it sound like google is testing a device that will incorporate android @ home?