Featured: Google I/O 2012 Keynote Speech Day 2: Dive into Drive offline

Google Drive Coffee

AS of today Google Drive has been announced for offline mode. This also means us android users. Yes, you can have access to all your important documents and files while offline. The best thing, when typing in offline mode, as soon as you connect back to the web and sign back into your Google Drive account, all offline typing syncs back to drive in online mode. This makes typing in offline seamless and a lot easier to make sure you don’t lose that solid backup to the cloud.

For those unfamiliar with Google Drive, (formerly Google Docs) it is Google’s online cloud storage system that allows you to store and easily share all your Documents, files, photos, and more and it’s all connected to your Gmail( or Google account). It’s a completely effortless way to sync all your important data to the web so you always have anything you need to share or access, at your disposal where ever you can sign in. No more having to cry over losing last night’s pictures from the “best night ever!” If you left that important presentation document at home on the desktop, but DID remember to throw it into Drive, then not to worry because it will be available for you once you arrive at work and sign into Drive.

Drive For chromebooks was also announced today and you can pick it up from the Chrome web store as of now. If your weapon of choice for a carry around web device is a chromebook, then pick this app up as it will make your life a whole lot easier. Not to mention allow for safe keeping of anything that could use a solid back up. Always back up your stuff. Rule #1. ALWAYS! It’s a dark path after the loss of all your stuff on a hard drive. Some other minor news which might make some apple users pretty happy, is that Google has officially announced Drive for ios on iphone and ipad today as well, which will be available in the app store later today. You’re welcome for that one, iphone users. You now have access to the cloud storage service you’ve always wanted. Only a little late to the party since Android has had this since the first official release. No big deal right? If you haven’t yet checked out Google Drive, then now is the time! Go to the Play store, the app store, the web store, anywhere, and download and install it now! You will not be disappointed with its usability.