Featured: Google Glasses Shipping Next Year, Available To US-Based Google I/O Attendees For $1,500

Google Glasses, a product out of Google's very own "X" labs, is not only real, but will actually be out very soon. At Google I/O 2012, Sergey Brin made his way to the stage to demo this next generation augmented reality product. Many, from average consumers to high profile bloggers, have been questioning since the beginning if the product was actually real or just cleverly designed and a mocked up presentation. After all, the images in the video that was released alongside the announcement of Google Glasses, was computer generated.

The official name of the product is Google Glass Explorer Edition and, as announced, is already available for pre-order only for US-based Google I/O attendees. The price will run 1500 smackaroos and developers can expect to receive the augmented reality glasses early next year which is when it will ship. Sergey and other employees showed off the glasses for about 30 minutes to attendees and the company appears to be really excited at all the potential use cases that people come up with.

Even Sergey himself said they're not entirely sure what people will come up with. Because it's being demoed and announced for pre-order, doesn't mean the product is anywhere near finished. Google is still tweaking and working on Glass Explorer Edition, which is more of a developer product at this stage rather than a consumer product. One day, we could see this in the hands of the average everyday consumer.

The tech giant knows that in order for it to get to that point, there's going to have to be a lot of work and improvements made which is where the developers come in. As part of the presentation, the video below was shared which shows several people taking their Google Glasses along for a skydive. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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