Featured: Gameloft announces 4 New games at E3 including Asphalt 7: Heat

If you've played any mobile games over the past couple of years, chances are you're familiar with the developer Gameloft. They're responsible for such titles as the Popular Action-RPG series Dungeon Hunter, The racing series Asphalt, and big name mobile reboot titles of their respective console version big brothers, Spider-man, Assassins Creed, and Splinter cell. Not to mention tons more. At E3 today Gameloft announced they will be bringing us 4 new games to watch out for this year.


Asphalt 7: Heat

Starting off with probably the biggest and most acclaimed of these four games is Asphalt 7: Heat. This will be the newest release in the long-standing series of racing games. Judging from the screen shots and the game trailer though I would say it's a safe bet that they didn't do much to alter they style of play or the features that remain within the game. It seems they have raised the bar a little once more as the graphics look somewhat improved and I'm sure they have added new vehicles as well as given us a new world to race through. Time will tell if this will be anything worth picking up. In the meantime, here are some photos and a trailer to get you going.

The Amazing Spider-Man 

Secondly comes another Big blockbuster movie game. The Amazing Spider-Man. Gameloft is getting quite famous for these. Although I sometimes wonder why they continue as I have played a couple of them and they almost always seem to bomb. The spider man title they put out back in 2010 was all but "amazing" itself. It was fun for a while but I found myself quickly getting bored with the storyline and the gameplay. The game did have some impressive aspects to it though and it was kind of fun to fly around as the web slinger. Another complaint about the game is that there wasn't very much open world exploration. We'll see if Gameloft has decided to change that in this upcoming Spider-Man release. If so, I will definitely at least be giving this one a try. For me though, most of the titles that have been put out as mobile versions of Big Name hits are just disappointing. This is just my opinion though as I feel it's hard to live up to what I'm used to on the console versions. Here are a few screen shots and a game trailer to make your own assumptions.

Kingdoms and Lords

Next up is a title called Kingdoms and Lords. It's a medieval simulation game that you can expand and cultivate your kingdom, hire and train troops and prepare for them for battle against other armies. This has a little more causal feel to it and will probably focus more on the market of players that are into games such as world builders like Sim City and turn based RPG's like pocket empires. You will have the ability to gather resources to build vast cities and train armies to battle it out against other players in the game. Reminiscent of games like Farmville and many others in the same genre this game will be based off some enhanced 2D graphics. I expect there this to be a freemium game where you will have the opportunity to make in-game purchases of items to enhance the gameplay experience. I have never been fond of freemium game models myself though as most are time sucks and a waste of real world hard-earned money. I prefer to spend my cash on something tangible like say ... a better game that I will enjoy playing. However this will prove to be quite a hit with some people and if this is your kind of game then look forward to when this will be released. Check below for some screen shots and game trailer.

Cosmic Colony

The last game announced at E3 was a title called Cosmic Colony. In the midst of the world builder game craze it seems that Gameloft wants to hop on the band wagon and share some of Zyngas success in this genre. Games of this magnitude while not very engaging are very popular with casual gamers. Cosmic colony gives you the chance to create and expand your own space age colony, and explore a vast space and discover landmarks all over the planet that you build. You will also be able to complete tons of various missions and manage your resources to make your people happy and your colony a prosperous growing community.

Gameloft is well-known for bringing some pretty great games to android. Let see if they can continue their pursuit to develop winning titles that people love. Below is a series of the game trailers and a gallery with some screen shots of the games in action. Check them out!


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