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Game Name: Tapadoo: Tap to Solve Puzzles


Tapadoo is a fantastically fun puzzle game that's designed for all ages. If you like casual games that rely on touch and not controls than you're in for a fun little treat here. The game – in usual Nevosoft fashion – feature some lovely and unique looking graphics that are charming to look at, no matter whether it be tablet or phone. The game itself lets you experience it yourself, you've got puzzles to solve in order to gain coin which makes up your score, there are very little hints and it's a great way to kill some time with the kids, especially. Although, if like me, you just like funny drawings then this is awesome. Check the trailer below for a quick look:-


How It Works

There's not a lot in the way of mechanics concerning Tapadoo, all of it comes down to the puzzles. Of which are exactly that, puzzling. The game will ask you which pack of levels you want to play and it'll throw you in at the deep end. The puzzles themselves require some studying in order to solve, you need to work out what the game wants you to achieve before you can go about completing the puzzle. The puzzles get harder as you go along and a couple of times I had to really look at what the game wanted me to. Most of the time it's touch this to place it here or put things in the right order, the way the game does this however is what makes it fun.


At the top right of the screen there's a piggy bank, this will fill up with the coins you're given when you complete a puzzle but, tapping randomly across the page will cause this total to go down forcing you to think before you do.


It's clear that this game was designed with the younger audience in mind and whilst I had a lot of fun going through these puzzles I can see that children would absolutely love this. The puzzle styling is engaging and unique, the characters look as if they were hand drawn and this creates a pleasing and cohesive environment for both players young and old.

Children these days are no stranger to technology thanks to touch screens being everywhere, children will have no problem playing this and it's going to be great fun to do it with a member of the family. I found the puzzles to be well thought out and a good break from the mould regarding games that make you think.




  • Don't rush into a puzzle, those cute graphics might fool but, some of them are a bit tricky.
  • This is going to best played with someone a little younger if you want to get the most of it.
  • You'll not get anywhere if you just hammer the screen with your finger, think before you touch something.
  • Fun graphics like this are great for you to take in so, take your time.


  • Speed (3/5) – I played through the puzzles quickly, I enjoyed them and it must be noted I'm a grown man
  • Features (5/5) – As usual, Nevosoft have put together a great variety of content to keep you entertained, it's well packed and a lot of fun.
  • Theme (5/5) – I found myself smiling throughout the game as it looks lovely, cute graphics out of a cartoon are rendered well.
  • Overall (4/5) – This is going to be great for those of with kids and it's a lot fun even if you don't. An excellent game that's a great bit of fun.


  • Varied puzzles keep you or your child on their toes and present varied gameplay.
  • Fans of cartoons are going to love the graphics of this, stunning.
  • Speedy interface and smooth touch controls meant a hassle free experience.
  • Alot more fun that it seems on the surface, no matter what your age.


  • Some of the puzzles are very easy but, they'd be harder for the younger audience.
  • A little explanation of the puzzles would be good for younger ones, but it is a Puzzle Game



If you've been looking for a fun little game to keep you entertained easily without being too heavy then this is the game for you. It gets you thinking and the characters that jump of the page are worth buying the full game alone. Children will love this game as it gives them puzzles that are presented in a way they'll smile and laugh at without feeling frustrated or at all annoyed. It's a fantastic fun way of playing something different with a crisp, engaging theme that runs throughout the whole game. Tapadoo is a game that's best played for a good relaxing session on the phone or tablet and if you've got younger family members with you then this is a great opportunity to play with them, too. You can find Tapadoo, along with other Nevosoft titles in the Google Play Store

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