Featured: Galaxy Nexus Banned At Least Temporarily, US Judge Approves Injunction


Patent wars are nothing new in the mobile space and Apple seems to be pursuing manufacturers of Android devices like it's nobody's business. Back in February, Apple asked for an injunction on US sales of the Galaxy Nexus, Google's latest and greatest flagship smartphone with Samsung.

Unfortunately, a US Judge has ruled that Apple's claims are valid and approved the injunction which means the Nexus will be banned for sale in the US. Apple claims that the Galaxy Nexus is infringing upon four different patents. They are as follows:

  • US Patent No. 5,946,647: System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data.
  • US Patent No. 8,086,604: Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system.
  • US Patent No. 8,046,721: Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image .
  • US Patent No. 8,074,172: Method, system, and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations.

This is quite the blow to Android and Samsung as the Nexus is one of the best selling smartphones currently on the market. If you recall, HTC had the EVO 4G LTE and One X banned (though very temporarily) and stuck in customs for a few weeks to do with a couple of the same patents. Apple is also trying to lay the smack down on Samsung with the Galaxy S III so we'll see how that goes as well.

The whole patent system needs an overhaul and companies like Apple who go out and try to destroy the competition in a rather sleazy way, should be looked at more closely by the legal system. Currently, there's no word on what Samsung plans to do, but chances are they'll have quite the busy weekend trying to fix the whole situation. Wouldn't be surprising to see Google finally get involved as well.