Featured: Frog Design Company Redesigns Android for Sharp Smartphones

Pretty much all Android companies from the most popular ones to the least known ones have build at least some sort of skin or modification for Android, because they all think that's "differentiation". Most of them are either ugly, buggy and slow, or okay at best. Only very few of them actually bring something new to the Android ecosystem, or make Android easier to use.

I doubt we're going to see manufacturers all use stock Android anytime soon, because they don't want to compete only on hardware designs, quality and specs. They find it easier to do it through software. It's the easy way out, which is why most don't even bother that much to polish their new interface. But some of them do put a lot of care into the UX of the interface, and the latest one to do that is the design company, Frog, that Sharp hired to make their Android "skin".

This new UI, called Feel UX, seems to be built on top of ICS, although it's completely redefined, and I'd say in a very good way. It seems more simplistic, yet very customizable and powerful. It has bigger "UI elements", which I hope is a direction Google will take, too. Bigger UI elements just make it easier for "normal" people to use the device, because everything is "in their face", and they don't have a whole lot of room for mistake. Plus, it's great for elderly folks, too.

Although I don't see myself buying a Sharp phone soon, unless they really excel in hardware as well, just like the top manufacturers do now, I'm excited about trying out this UI if it comes as some sort of launcher later on. See how it looks for yourself:

[vimeo width="580" height="330"]http://vimeo.com/43224490[/vimeo]

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