Featured: Flipboard is Finally Here for Us All; Grab It In the Play Store Now


When it comes to Flipboard I'm sure a number of you out there have heard of it and have probably used it on iDevices at some point. It came as somewhat a surprise that Samsung had managed to secure exclusivity on the Flipboard for Android app as app developers are sometimes a little guarded with their releases. App developers want to hit as many users as they can, it's where the money is and holding out the user base is potentially a risky move.

With this in mind it's hardly surprising that Flipboard as an exclusive for Galaxy S III owners hasn't lasted all that long, with a beta released a couple weeks ago and now the final release available to download in the Play Store it looks like everyone else didn't have to wait all that long, after all. Along with the final release – that isn't all that distinguishable from the beta are localized versions for Korea, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands as well as the already existing localizations for France, China, Japan, Canada, Australia, the UK and the US.

So, with all this in mind you can now download Flipboard on the Play Store, if you're wondering what the app looks like on larger display sizes, such as tablets then you're going to be disappointed as the answer is that it looks about the same. The app presented me with a message when launching on my Touchpad that the app might not look all that good.


If you've not used the app before it's essentially an answer to Google Currents – speaking of, check us out on Currents! – in a gesture based application that ties in to Twitter and Facebook to get your favorites right to you. It's a great app and works really well one-handed on a phone, with coffee in the other so, perhaps this is the app that you need for that coffee in the morning?

Check out the app now at the Play Store!

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