Featured: FCC Wants Second Look At Cell Phone Radiation Emissions

The FCC has to approve any and every electronic device before it is put on the market and sold, to ensure it meets multiple standards and is deemed safe both for the environment and in contact with humans. One thing that's pretty much been the same since 1996, a whole 16 years ago which is almost hard to believe, is cell phone radiation emissions. Now, the whole idea of smartphones and electronics giving off harmful radiation, has been up for debate for many years, particularly if it is harming us in some way.

Some call it malarkey, others consider it a very real threat. Heck, they even sell smartphone cases that are supposed to block any harmful radiation from getting out. Now, after almost two decades of the same standards, the FCC is wanting to review their current cell phone radiation emissions standards, and see if new ones need to be put in place since, quite obviously, phones have advanced significantly.

This could be a big change for manufacturers depending on their findings. Smartphones are THE hot device and with Millions upon Millions sold on a daily basis, it could potentially be a large impact. Chairman Julius Genachowski will be asking FCC commissioners to approve a notice that would start an inquiry into their current standards. To cover their tail, an official FCC spokesperson said that they are confident that the emissions stands don't currently pose a threat to consumers.

Either way, if the notice is approved, we'll end up finding out one way or another. Maybe those BMW driving, golf playing executives who always have a bluetooth headset are onto something...

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