Featured: Don't Squeeze That New Beloved Galaxy S III of Yours Too Tight


In what's sure to be the strangest bit of news surrounding the Galaxy S III, Samsung themselves advise its users to not hold the device with a tight grip around certain parts of the device. These certain parts of the device being somewhat integral to the phone, the device's main antenna and the GPS antenna, in the below diagram from Samsung's own manual for the new phone it clearly warns that one shouldn't cover the GPS antenna (clearly labelled for your convenience) whilst using features that rely on it. Lest you be dealt with poor performance of these features.


As well as this Samsung warn that if you're experiencing poor audio quality then you're advised to "ensure that you are not blocking the device's internal antenna".

Of course, a number of us will remember the infamous "antennagate" from the iPhone 4 days that resulted in a number of people experiencing dropped calls far more often than normal. A number of people were e-mailing the late Mr Jobs themselves who was courteous enough to reply "You're holding it wrong" which of course became an internet meme all its own. It's no surprise that Samsung would have put this sort of information out there after all, it's fairly obvious that when you place something in front of an antenna designed to receive and broadcast RF frequencies it's not going to be able to as well as it would do. I'm sure all the Apple loving folk out there will have fun with this.

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