Featured: CM9 Users: The Code Freeze is Underway; CM9 RC1 on the Horizon

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you'd know what cyanogenmod is. But just to be fair to all the wonderful users out there in the Android community, it's understandable that you might be unfamiliar with this amazing aftermarket firmware. The CM team will forgive you for undoubtedly shunning them if you go and take a look at their site. Hit the link posted above to jump hyperspeed to their home web address we know as Cyanogenmod.com. Now then, we'll be moving right along. The first rule of Cyanogenmod is you DO talk about Cyanogenmod. Talk about it to your friends. Talk about it to your family. Talk about it to the bum on the street that is begging you for money but seems to have an android phone, (Which is peculiar to say the least.) which ultimately leads you to the decision to pay him instead with the knowledge of your favorite ROM. "Here guy, use this ROM to buy yourself more time with the speed you'll get when you use it."

The second rule, which is really just the first rule, (the first rule I stated above is more like a sub clause of the first rule. I just wanted to be able to work in Fight club to this reading. Speaking of, GO WATCH IT NOW!..... but not until you're done reading this article...of course) is absolutely by any circumstances DO NOT ask when release candidates or Stable mods will be available for download. This is just common courtesy to the devs. They are working extremely hard, in their spare time none the less, to bring you great content for FREE! They are not getting paid to provide you with software updates to your device that was dropped from support by the manufacturer. They are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and because they love to help out the community of Android users out there that want the most from their devices. So please, be decent, and just wait it out. Maybe even drop a donation to support them. Because they're doing it all for you guys out there. That being said, CM9's release candidate is on its way here soon. The CM team along with Steve Kondik made a public announcement via their Google + page about this just a few days ago and wanted to assure their users that they will see the RC1 very soon. Here it just a few days later and they have already begun the code freeze which means that the RC1 ("Release candidate 1" for the slowbies out there) is most definitely under way and being currently worked on.

AS stated on the CM official blog: While there are still a number of technical and organizational issues that need to be resolved very quickly, the plan is to quickly iterate through a series of release candidates over the next few weeks.

Hooray for all us CM users out there right? You're damn right HOORAY!! Now with all of this information coming to light, I can say that I myself am more than enthused about the possibility of loading the CM9 RC onto one if not both my devices. It should come as no surprise that it takes a while to reach this point, possibly longer then past versions of the CM software, because Android 4.0 ICS was a giant leap forward from gingerbread. Bridging the gap between Phone and tablet versions of the OS. Although I suspect some peeps out there will most certainly say it still took too long. Well you guys are naysayers! The CM team has worked hard to get here and I for one appreciate the long hours. While there is still no announcement of which devices will actually have the availability of the CM9 RC1 upon its release for download via their website, (once again, link is above to the main site.) you can bet your mom's best meatloaf that the Galaxy Nexus, among other nexus devices and probably the transformer line will be among the first to see its glory. About the meatloaf comment, I just want to say that didn't mom make the best meatloaf? I know mine sure did. Don't hate if your mom's cooking sucked. Now if you're like me you've probably dabbled a bit in the ways of CM nightlies. I just want to assure you that CM has stated that nightlies will continue to release alongside the RC1 so you can make sure that your device is always on the vanguard of software so to speak. This concludes your update on CM9. Tune in later for more information.

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