Featured: Acer To Bring Tegra 3 at 7 inches for under $200


It seems that Android hasn't had that much of an outing at this year's Computex but that hasn't stopped some of it's partners from bringing new wares to the table. Acer, in particular, has bought a couple of tablets to the show. They've bought their successors to their A200 and the A100 to the show in the form of the A210 and A110 respectively. The tablet's both feature the Tegra 3 SoC from nVidia.

The A210 is the successor to the A200 from Acer and features a 10.1-inch screen with a 1280×800 screen, 3G connectivity and a full sized USB-port. There's no rear camera here just like the original A200. The real star here though is the A110 from Acer weighing in at 7-inches, packing the same Tegra 3 in the A200 alongside 1GB RAM, there's a font-facing camera here, too.


Whilst specifics are a little sketchy on price, The Verge were told by an Acer representative that the A110 will in fact be priced under that magical $200 mark that makes the Kindle Fire so attractive to buyers. It's not clear whether or not this might be one of the first smaller tablets to benefit from Nvidia's own Kai program they debuted earlier in the year. It's said that the viewing angles on the new 7-incher from Acer aren't anything to write home about but given the choice between the Kindle Fire and this Android 4.0 running little powerhouse I know which one I'd pick. I own an A100 and as a 7-inch tablet it's fantastic for playing games and slinging in a coat pocket, I'd gladly upgrade to the A110 when it hits shelves in the third-quarter of the year.


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