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I know when I talk to people at work or through out the day in different areas, I will eventually bring out my phone, in doing so they realize mine is not quite like theirs, mine is themed red, or black or white, it also has a different notification bar, maybe a different app for texts, it is faster than their phone (and often times we have the same phone) etc etc, the list can go on and on and on. In conversation I usually tell them I am root and rommed and I get started at. The easier thing to tell them is I have modified my phone for speed, that usually answers their questions and they are content to move along. However, there are a few people who still ask what that  all means, to them I give this explanation.....



A rom is a what your phone runs on, basically, when you get your phone and turn it on for the very first time, that is what they call a STOCK rom, it is what the factory sent out. There is nothing done to it except what the manufacturer wanted done to it. I usually get right home and root my phone (this too will be talked about in another article). I then find out what ROM is best. There are plenty of roms to choose from and find one, it used to be complicated, now it is pretty easy since Koushik Dutta entered the scene and helped us all out by creating an easily downloadable app called ROM MANAGER. It is pretty straight forward. First and foremost you must click the very top part, it says Flash Clockwork Recovery!

This is Rom Manager, use the program to get all the roms and even Google Apps which are the suite of apps that come on a Google verified phone. The apps of choice for me and 2 million others is CyanogenMod 9. Give it a try.

When clockwork recovery is installed (the phone will tell you) you click download rom and then select a rom next. The screenshots above show this process. After a selection is made you will be asked to allow root for this and you say yes, saying no will stop the process. You then backup your preview rom when the screen prompts you to, you can also should erase your previous rom from your phone then press ok. Your phone will reboot and you will come to a screen you likely haven't seen, it just words, no pictures. Just words. It will tell you it is backing up or erasing your phone then it will install.

I hope this plus the video I intend to make will help, if not, leave a comment on the bottom of this article or go to our Plus Page for assistance if needed.

ANDROIDHEADLINES.COM is NOT responsible for anything that happens to your phone while running this process. It is considered for the brave. BE CAREFUL and always BACK UP your work.

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