Featured: The Motorola ICS UI, Better Than The Rest?

After seeing the new Motorola ICS UI I have started thing, MotoBlur what? Whatever that awful skin used to be seems to be just a vague really Ugly memory, Ugh I hate you motorola charm!

This video showcases the new things you will see, one of my favorites, despite it being such a minor thing, is the launcher button being right in the middle, where it should be. To me that is saying they are leaning away from their own silly designs and going more with standards. I don't know if there is any Google influence involved since this is likely being designed way before the take over. The new key to unlock feature is kind of cool, I hope this is not just a Japanese exclusive, from what I can tell, this is just a leaked video from Japan but should exist in other countries. The key is new and even though it looks a bit like what samsung does with the puzzles etc, it still is new and fun.

Also, from what I can tell, this is the closest to stock UI that we will get on a skinned phone with ICS, to date. It reminds me of the days we used to have the Motorola Droid, which was my personal phone back when it launched, it was a stock UI and that got updates often due to its stock nature. With Google and Motorola being one company now, I think we could see a lot more stock UI's, sure there could still be skinned stuff as from what I've read some companies prefer the skins to differentiate things.

This video shows off many things, including facial unlock in the very end, sure it is brief, but it is there.

Also, for more fun and in depth info, check out these other videos.

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