Google’s Purchase of Motorola Mobility Final! and why it matters

May 20, 2012 - Written By Mike Corbett


It has cleared, it’s cleared! Motorola Mobility is the reason I got into Android and it’s the reason I am, at times, known as droidmike.

China had decided that as long as Google keeps Android as a free operating system, the deal can pass. We are likely to see it officially pass next week and that is when new CEO, Dennis Woodside could take over.Motorola has patents that Google wanted, that way it can defend itself as well as it’s mobile partners. Motorola is also a manufacturer of very solid devices. The partnership could be amazing for Android as it would allow Google to make devices to set a precedent for it’s partners.

I will stay up to date with this entire story, the idea of Googorola has intrigued me since everything was announced in August of 2011. Stay tuned to this sure as well as our google + page and my own personal google + page