Google Assistant (majel) and Google Project Glass to be at Google IO


This is a BIG topic of discussion for our editor, who is Chris and another writer, Randy Arrowood. We go back and forth on whether or not Google will give us glasses at IO or whether we will have to wait a few months for them to ship, will it be ready or not basically. We figure they will for sure show them off at IO. I am sure Vic will wear it on stage and show the whole world! The other nearly for sure thing is Google Assistant, not a Siri clone as much at it is Google's answer to Siri.

How do we figure this will happen at IO? Well in list form

  • People already wear them
  • There have been two public photos shown
  • It already uploads to Google+ as of a few weeks ago
  • IO is still month and half away

Those simple things plus the fact that the privacy policies all merged into one, what does that mean though? Why would the privacy policies merging mean squat? They already have done things because the policies merged, one of those was the new search field off to the side of google search. The knowledge base, it combines all things Google, it needs access to all so it uses it with the new policy. Well, in short, kind of…. Google Assistant is the same. It requires all bits of Google to work! Now with Google Glasses, Assistant will be announced, those are the facts, get used to it.

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