Featured: The Nexus 7 tablet Could Be Serious iPad competition


Let's be honest, you're reading this article and have read the site because you like Android, as a small history lesson, Android hadn't had very successful tablets. Android 3.0 was a bit of a joke and may have been created to troll us. Android 4.0 is much better and unified phones and tablets, also Android tablets have slowly become better.

Now we move to the rumors of a Nexus tablet, it is made by Asus and should be a tegra 3, possible quad core and likely to be 7 inches, none if this is solid but it's kind of likely.


What Good Would It Do

Well, a few of us at the site find the 7 inch form factor to be awesome, others like Asus, but I think over all it's exciting because nexus devices set a standard, they are the device to beat in the Android world, heck some are even compared to idevices and that's not bad.

The other importance is the price, there is a rumored $200 price tag associated with this tablet, that beats everything on the market today. IPad, kindle, Android, nook, everything. You put that out there and it will sell, look at kindle fire sales and that is an ereader with a Web browser, the Android tablet will be much more.


Now like I said there's not much to confirm but Derek Ross  had another rumor write up on this here, go check it out.

This will also be the device that introduces android 4.1, which is now rumored to be Jelly Bean, no longer will android 5 be jelly bean, no it will be less like 2.0 and 2.1 and more like 2.2 or 2.3, (2.1 and 2.0 were both eclair and 2.2, 2.3 were FroYo and GingerBread respectively.)

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