Featured: The First High-Resolution Android Tablet Is Almost Here

We've been expecting the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity to arrive for a while now, but we've hard it has had some delays because of the lack of supply for the S4 processor that is also LTE enabled. This may be also why we can see that only the Wi-Fi only Tegra 3 version has passed through FCC recently.

The most exciting things about this tablet is not that it has LTE or a quad core processor, but that it will be the first tablet to feature a high resolution display in the Android ecosystem - and that's 1920x1200. Compared to iPad's 2048x1536 resolution, it;s a little less, but basically both of them can only play natively 1080p videos, and it will even look better on the Infinity tablet because the video will be on the whole screen, rather than just 2/3 of it, and look condensed.

As for PPI, the count is lower, but let's face it. Even the iPad 3 doesn't have a real "retina" display, at least according to Steve Jobs who said  that a retina display has 300+ PPI (iPhone 4/4S has 326 PPI). The iPad 3 has only 264 PPI which is much less than iPhone 4S. Plus, if the rumors are true and the next iPhone will have 4" or higher, that will put it closer to the iPad's PPI as well, and it won't technically have a "retina display" anymore.

The upcoming Macbook Pros should have a 2560x1600 resolution (or 2880x1800 as some rumors say), which at 15" is about the same PPI as this Transformer Pad Infinity. And guess what - they are going to call it "retina display". So I think it's safe to say that the Transformer Pad Infinity has a retina display as Apple calls them, although in the end none of these new devices will have 300+ PPI anymore, so they are all just high-resolution displays.

[Via Phandroid]

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