Featured: Tegra 3 Quad Core And LTE Powered Tablets And Smartphones Coming Soon

This may sound like nothing new, however, NVIDIA, maker of GPUs and mobile processors, hasn't been able to  put together their Tegra 3 quad core processor with an LTE modem, that is until now. Today, they announced that the Icera 410 LTE model has been approved by AT&T for use in tablets and clamshell devices on its network.

Qualcomm, a competitor, has been the only one making LTE modems thus far and being that they didn't want to work with them, NVIDIA had to take matters into their own hands and roll out their own product to pair nicely with their mobile processors. There hasn't been any mention of the hardware coming to smartphones, though that's likely around the corner and to be mentioned soon.

What's great about this modem compared to the others currently on the market is that it includes LTE, HSPA+, 3G and 2G which should definitely help improve battery life. Anyways, AT&T has approved use of it, but what about other carriers such at Verizon or Sprint? The Tegra 3 with LTE works with LTE modems from ST Ericsson, Renenas, and GCT so there's a chance that this new pairing comes to them.

People want faster mobile data and LTE is becoming the standard in the United States for that blazing fast data. Combine that with NVIDIA's rock solid Tegra 3 mobile processor and you've got quite the combination, that is until you reach your data limit of a few gigs. At least you can still play some games with really great looking graphics, right?

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