Featured: Sony Bringing High-End to Japan; Make us Green with Envy?


It seems that we finally might be seeing the fruits of Sony's acquisition of Ericsson last year with some truly original pieces there launching later in the year in Japan. With the Xperia GX and Xperia SX Sony hopes to – not only carry on it's letter naming conventions but, bring some quality to it's home turf. If only they'd bring these devices state side and to europe.

The Xperia GX features a 4.6" 720p Display alongside a stunning 13MP snapper at the rear – sure to take some stunning shots – along with a dual-core processor at 1.5Ghz. Design wise it's reminiscent of the Arc S in a matte finish. The bumps in spec from this year's Xperia S sure make this look like Sony's new flagbearing phone but, we'll have to see if it makes it out anywhere else in the globe. If so, it could be a strange move for Sony seeing as the US variant of the S – the Xperia ION – hasn't even landed yet. The Xperia SX meanwhile is less of a headturner but still a solid device to be sure, packing the same 1.5Ghz processor – unfortunately details on excatly who is providing these chips is lacking for both the devices. Along with the same engine the two phones are very different in size, the SX packing a smaller 3.7" screen and an 8MP snapper make this a more affordable option with similar grunt. Of course, we couldn't possibly be talking about a Japanese phone if it didn't have infrared connectivity along with mobile TV which are of course, all inlcuded.

Both devices pack LTE connectivity as well as Android 4.0 – with Sony's UX customisations – onboard. Whether or not these will make to other markets is unknown and less than likely but, I'm sure welcomed by a great many of us. We'll bring you more info when we get it!

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