Featured: New Contract Free Mobile Broadband Plans From T-Mobile Starting May 20th


Want mobile data but don't want to be tied into a two-year contract? You got it. Starting May 20th, T-Mobile will be offering several new and differently sized mobile broadband plans without a contract. This is great news as one of the downsides of getting a tablet with 3G/4G built-in or a mobile broadband card/USB, is that you typically have to sign a two-year contract. This can be aggravating when you only use so much data one month and so on.

Now, T-Mobile customers can enjoy more and cheaper mobile broadband without being tied down. The plans are as follows:

  • $15 for 300MB
  • $25 for 1.5GB
  • $35 for 3.5GB
  • $50 for 5GB

1.5 and 3.5 is a bit of an odd number and seems to make more sense to round them up. Not like it'll hurt the carrier as they'll still be making a profit. Either way, this is a big improvement from T-Mobile's previous no contract mobile broadband plans. Before, 100MB would cost $10, 1GB would cost $30, and 3GB would cost $50. For customers who require 5GB, you'll almost be getting double the data for the same price.

There's no word on overage charges, though it's expected to be pretty standard pricing and if you need the data on a consistent basis, there will be an auto-renew option. All in all, these new changes are sure to please existing customers as well as offer decent no contract options for new customers. AT&T and Verizon offer very similar no contract data options so it all really comes down to preference of carrier.