Featured: LG Eclipse Photo Surfaces; Reveals NFC and Removal Battery


The folks over at Mobileburn have scored an exclusive image of the upcoming LG Eclipse ( the rumored LS970 we covered earlier) – this time with it's back off for all to see. There's nothing really that special about a shot of a back of a phone but, that might be the case this time. With manufacturers moving to non-removable batteries in their phones – to the ire of many road-warriors out there – it's nice to see that LG are bringing a high-end phone with the option of removing (read: changing it) the provided battery. The photo also reveals that there'll be NFC onboard as well, which is a tidbit of interest as well. It seems as though NFC adoption amongst smartphone OEMs is ramping up, with Sony and their NFC tag strategy and more and more phones making use of the technology such as the Galaxy SIII the year's shaping to be the year of NFC.

This new flagship from LG is becoming closer and closer to living up to the name its peers are giving it: the latest 'superphone'. The phone also comes packing a 13MP camera and the battery seen in the photo is a well-sized 2100maH. The LG Eclipse could well provide Samsung some competition later on in the year when the two phones are put on shelves. After all, a phone with 2GB of RAM might be a little hard for powerusers to turn down, no?

[Source & Image: Mobileburn]

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