Featured: Leaked Intel Roadmap Tells of LTE, 22nm Process and More


This year is the first year that Intel shipped a processor in a smartphone and it led to some pretty impressive benchmarks that you can see here. It'd seem that as always the company is always ready and willing to innovate further in order to get their foot in the door of the smartphone market.

A leaked roadmap – courtesy of Semiaccurate.com – has shown that Intel certainly aren't ready to let upcoming ARM chips from Samsung et al gain an even bigger hold on the smartphone market. As you can see from the roadmap Intel have plans for a number of releases for the near future, the Medfield chip running at 1.6Ghz as a single core yielded the impressive results we talk of but Intel have solid plans to release a dual-core chip dubbed Merrifield with LTE in 2013. Intel aren't resting on their laurels when it comes to manufacturing either, their planning to build this chip at an impressive 22nm, which just edges out the 28nm of the S4 Krait from Qualcomm that's powering the ASUS' Padfone along with the One S from HTC.

I've been on the fence when it comes to Intel processors in phones, I've not really seen the need for them thanks to the massive advancements in ARM's capabilities, especially with the new A15 instruction set. As i've said before though, there can never be too much choice and as such one more player in the arena can't hurt the crowd, right?


It sure looks like Intel are ready and more than willing to become a dominate player in the Smartphone market after years of waiting. This sleeping Tiger is ready to pounce, alright.


[Image: Semiaccurate}

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