Featured: Is Chameleon the Future for the Home-Screens of Android Tablets?

Ever since the iPhone and the iPad appeared, people have praised the iOS's simplistic design in comparison to what a user gets on a Windows machine, which can be a lot more complicated for most people than iOS. Android was built by engineers and for people who want more features and functionality, and not necessarily with the lowest common denominator for simplicity.

Chameleon might change that by offering a user interface on top of Android tablets that makes the OS even more easy to use, and yet it vastly improves your productivity by allowing you to do multiple things at once. Tablets so far have been mostly about making the user experience simpler than the one on a desktop, but that can also means it will make you slower. I've been hoping Android will deal with multi-tasking in a much richer way ever since I saw the demo of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 that splits the screen in 4 and basically allows you to use 4 apps at once. That might not be the best solution that can be invested, but it's certainly interesting.

However, I think Chameleon's way makes more sense because it can take full advantage of Android's widgets, and can turn the homescreen of Android tablets in something much more useful even than Windows 8's live tiles, because you're not only seeing the data, but you can also interact with it, thanks to Android's advanced widget system.

I think Google should either buy these guys out (they even seem cheap - they're only asking for $50,000 in donations to make this happen by fall), or they should think up a similar or more advanced system themselves, that also makes Android tablets look better than anything else out there, but in the same time it would make them the most useful as well. Donate on Kickstarter if you want to see it until then.

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