Featured: ICS Has Reached a Whooping 5% Market Share

Yes, most people would laugh at this. It's been like 6 months since ICS was first launched, and we only have 5% of the devices with ICS on them. But look at it this way. It's taken everyone this much (compared to 2+ months for Gingerbread upgrade), because ICS a major overhaul of Android, and they need to get acquainted with everything inside it, learn how to modify it, and also make a new type of skin for it. That takes a lot of time.

Also, companies are just starting to either upgrade older devices or sell new ones with Android 4. Plus, CyanogenMod 9 and other ICS custom ROM's will become stable as well, and many people who aren't getting a new phone or an official upgrade will be able to use it, too. Then the ICS numbers should start to increase significantly.

I think we'll have around 50% of the devices with ICS on them sometime this fall, which still doesn't seem as much as it could be, but as I said, transitioning to ICS took a lot of time. The good news is that JellyBean and whatever comes next at least until Android 6.0 shouldn't be so hard to upgrade, as they will just continue to improve on the ICS base.

That being said, I'm still hoping that all this time Google has been working on a way to make upgrading everyone's devices a lot faster (think days or weeks at most), and even if it takes 2 more years, I'm hoping that eventually they will succeed doing that and it will be all worth the wait. Until then manufacturers should contribute more of their own code back to Android if they want to make their own upgrades faster, the way Sony has done it, and they were even praised by Google engineers for it.

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