Featured: Google CEO Larry Page and His Google Glass


At the recent Zeitgesit 2012 event in London Larry Page took to the stage with 'Project Glass' – which he referred to as "Google Glass". It's fantastic to see an enthusiastic CEO like Larry Page show off his company's upcoming creation. The Glass is obviously an early prototype but, it's certainly nice to see them pop up in a slightly more official way than the odd photo here and there. The CEO didn't –  or couldn't – say that much about the device on stage but, he did take a photo of his audience and "share it with the whole company", touting the integration with Google+ and other products that we all expect to see heavily worked into the product.

It's reassuring to see that Page has come out on stage with the device naturally equipped, it doesn't look too obtrusive either, something that obviously could be a turn off if it were uglier or larger. We didn't learn much more than we already do about the device, aside from the fact that the built-in camera seems to work quickly along with sharing it to the web, too. It's unknown if whether or not this is connected to the phone in his pocket or running its own cellular connection. I'm sure we'll all found out more soon and quite frankly, more info can't come soon enough.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of Google Glass in action, at the beginning:


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