Featured Game Review: Mass Effect for Android Infiltrates Google Play Store


All you fans out there of the mass effect series, your wait is finally over for Mass Effect: Infiltrator. You've heard that it dropped for iOS months ago and you've watched your friends in the apple legion enjoy its many masterful missions and become engrossed into its awesome storyline spun off the original Mass Effect saga. Now my friends, the wait is over and you too can get in on the fun of this critically acclaimed franchise on your android device. Personally you'll want to be running at least a dual core device to play it optimally, I myself am playing it on the Transformer Prime which I must say handles it very, very well. The big screen doesn't hurt either. That being said, I am not quite sure which phones play it well and which phones don't, as it s requirements are set to just having 2.2 or above. Now let's talk about the game!


As soon as I started to download the game I immediately filled up with excitement as I am a slightly new but HUGE fan of the Mass Effect series. Once I got into play it I quickly realized that the graphics are as I thought they would be which is damn impressive. However I thought they would optimize this for tegra 3 and it seems they have not. (perhaps they should have taken a page from madfinger and Shadowgun THD) For a few moments I couldn't get past the first loading screen after hitting the start button, a little annoying but nothing that a quick restart of the device couldn't fix. One thing I did notice is that while I was trying to take screen shots by docking my tablet, the game would automatically exit. Seems like a small bug. Now onto features.

Game breakdown:

For those unfamiliar with Mass Effect or its series of titles, It's a 3rd person shooter rpg mash-up. Game features include:

  • All new Mass Effect storyline where you play the role of Randall Enzo, set in the Cerberus base.
  • Massive in-game arsenal of weapons at your disposal
  • Tons of armor upgrades
  • In game store where you can purchase new weapons and new armor for better play and a more immersive experience into the role of Randall Enzo

This game so far seems to be every bit as badass it's been made out to be since the announcement it was coming to mobile devices. It's just a shame we had to wait this long. The game itself will set you back $6.99 in the Play Store which I'll link to below. Don't worry. I wouldn't make it any harder for you to kill the productive use of your time. The game is also very large in size. So make sure you have some room on your device to store the extra content you will be required to download upon opening the game for the first time. I also recommend to download it via wi-fi as it will go much quicker.

So in all, my review of the game so far is that it's pretty awesome. The controls are very intuitive and easy to use. The graphics are stellar and everything you'd expect from a big name developer like EA bringing a title like this to a mobile platform. The storyline seems intriguing and has the potential to grab you for hours before you put it down. Given that you have the time of course. It's not a freemium title, Which in my opinion is fantastic. I think that's a horrible business model. Overall gameplay is easy , fast paced, fun, and downright ass kicking. My only complaints are that the graphics optimization isn't there for nVIDIA's Tegra 3 chipset and that it doesn't have gamepad support. This last one for me was a realĀ  letdown as It would make it so much more fun if I could hook it up to my HD monitor and play with a controller. Perhaps they'll add this update in the future. But I digress, go pick up the game already!!! I also want to open up any conversation you people haveĀ  for opinions on the game after we've all had a little more time to play through it and check out most of its features in full glory. So buy the game,

play it, then discuss in the comments below. Feel free to link to screenshots of achievements and or just plain cool action as you play.


Mass Effect: Infiltrator – Play Store