Featured: Galaxy S3's Super AMOLED HD Screen; Through The Looking Glass


The new flagship device from Samsung has just been announced and – unsurprisingly – its got one of those ever-so-pretty Super AMOLED – weighing in at 4.8" at 720p – displays onboard. However, whilst the display is undoubtedly super, we're all left wondering how super it can be seeing as it hasn't been blessed with the moniker of "Super AMOLED Plus" like some of Samsung's other products.

The folks over at engadget have the answer to this head-scratching conundrum. They've put a number of similar screens under the microscope at 230x – including the Galaxy S3's – to compare just how super it really is. The Galaxy S3 display has a high resolution at a HD 720p but, utilises the PenTile display technology of old, meaning that displays with newer sub-pixel arrangements bringing more sub-pixels can deliver a finer picture – seen above on the HTC One X. Ultimately, though, the contrast ratios and super-vibrant colours will, for many, make for a more pleasing picture – videos from YouTube and those captured on the camera will look sublime on a screen capable of such vibrancy, a selling point that Samsung have relied on with it's phones for some years now, in fact, my fast aging Nexus S still looks beautiful besides phones packing normal TFT or even an SLCD like the One X. With a resolution of 720p it'd be hard to notice 'jaggies' on text unless you're hunting them out, besides with this much screen real-estate and vibrant colours I'd say that the display on this new flagship will sell the phone just fine.

Check out the orignal post from engadget for more comparisons.


[Image: engadget, Source: engadget]

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