Featured: Galaxy Note 10.1 to Pack Mali T-604 GPU; Bring Some Serious Grunt to The Game?

It seems that with processors reaching quad-core configurations and faster clock speeds becoming the norm manufacturers are finding more ways to push the boundaries. The new wave of one-up-mansship appears to be focuses on graphical prowess. With Apple claiming that the New iPad's quad-core graphics out perform the Tegra 3 in a big way - with, of course, no proof from the evil wizards at Cupertino - it's set to become a year or two of explosive advances in graphics amongst mobile devices.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 was revealed back at MWC earlier this year and whilst we're still waiting for it to to hit it's speculated summer release it appears we're slowly learning what else might be thrown in to make the whole package that bit sweeter. Not content with upping the dual-core Exynos rumored at 1.4 Ghz for the device to a 1.5 Ghz quad-core Exynos 4412 it's now rumored that the Note 10.1 will ship with the new Mali T-604 GPU. As always, rumors like this are to be taken with a pinch of salt, the folks over at Nordic Hardware have done some digging at discovered that benchmarks for the new Note 10.1 have been rocking pretty high as of late, powered by an unnamed GPU. However, these benchmark results - seen below - far outstrip the soon-to-be launched Galaxy SIII from Samsung, which itself is running the same quad-core Exynos but the less capable Mali 400MP GPU announced back in February. It's hard to assume that the GPU garnering these sorts of results are anything but the Mali T-604 GPU which out performs the previous Mali 400MP by up to a factor of 5 according to ARM - the designer of both the chips.

Should the Galaxy Note 10.1 ship with such an impressive GPU it could well pose a threat to not only it's Android brethren but to Apple's new iPad as well. Of course, what with Samsung being the masters of making last minute changes, it's not all that unreasonable to see Samsung put a higher-resolution display into the Note 10.1 after all, there going to need to customers more of a choice between it and the newly launched Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 than a fancy pen. It'd sure be interesting to see Samsung put together such a highly specced device as this coupled with stylus technology, this might well turn out to be the device that gives customers a reason to go back to the stylus.

[Source: Nordichardware; Via: Android Authority]

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