Featured: Eric Schmidt states Motorola Mobility's future will be all Android

Motorola Mobility and google logo 620x3501 e1337885648702

While there have been a number of rumors regarding just what Google intends to do with the newly acquired Motorola Mobility, we now have the official word. It appears now that Google will not be selling off the hardware division, but will instead in the words of Chairman Eric Schmidt have, “more investment in products and a lot more focus on Android and the tools even than they have today.”  This is the move many of us were hoping Google would implement and the statement made by Dennis Woodside Google’s newly appointed CEO of Motorola that  “my job is to make Motorola as successful as possible and deliver innovative hardware as a licensee of Android,” are also positive.

It appears the Google is moving ahead with Moto and intends to make it a power player in the smartphone arena once again. No word on what will happen to Motorola’s UI overlay, but until we find out our fingers are crossed that it will depart along with the other changes being made.