Featured: ASUS Padfone Delayed; Snapdragon S4 Demand the Culprit?


ASUS has been meaning to launch the much fabled ASUS Padfone at the end of April in Taiwan with a launch in Italy rumoured for late May time however, it looks as though ASUS might struggle to make either of these dates announcing a delay. The Indonesian arm of ASUS took to Twitter (don't worry, I can't speak Indonesian either) today to inform us that the delay is thanks to a shortage of S4 chips – the new 'V6' of processors on the scene that ASUS are putting at the heart of the three-headed beast. The Verge reached out to ASUS for further info and got a response from a spokesperson stating that he believes that the "shortage is affecting all of Qualcomm's customers".

So, it seems that Qualcomm have a bit of a runaway success on their hands in the form of the S4 line of chips – available in both dual and quad-core setups – and is struggling to meet demand. This isn't the first time that we've seen demand outstrip supply in the Android atmos, the Nexus One and HTC Desire from HTC were launched with AMOLED screens – from Samsung – which were then switched to SLCD displays from Sony in order to get phones out of the door. Just last year we saw the Nexus S ship with a SLCD in the guise of the i9023 however, this is the first time – I believe – that we've had a product delayed due to shortages of internals. The demand for the S4 chip certainly has been high, what with it being packed into the One X on AT&T, the One S on T-Mobile and rumoured to be hitting phones from Motorola and Samsung for Verizon. It seems the US is swallowing up the S4 over the Tegra 3 chip thanks to its LTE support – something Nvidia seem to be struggling with at this point.

We don't have any updated release dates for the Padfone in either Taiwan or Italy – let alone other markets – but, as always, we'll keep you posted if we hear anything more.



Source: The Verge

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