Featured: Apple's Darling Siri to Find Rival in New Galaxy S3?


As we've reported already today Samsung's new flagship is bringing some impressive hardware customisations to Android – including impressive voice control features, a la Siri. Christened S Voice by Samsung it appears that, once  By this point I think it's clear to everybody that voice control is going to become the future – it's getting more accurate and it's uses are becoming more apparent to potential users. It's a hell of a lot quicker to dictate an action to the phone than to go through these actions one after the other on the device.

Samsung seem to be well aware of this new future that's fast approaching and is baking voice control into their new flagship, the Galaxy S3, by including sophisticated features such as SMS dictation, media management, calendar management and more. The real killer features of this new voice control suite? Your alarm is blaring in the background but, you don't want to get out of bed – seriously, who ever does? – by telling the phone "snooze" it'll do just that, go into snooze mode. It's a tiny thing but something that they've thought of and it'd sure help me out in the morning. Samsung's other killer feature they've baked into S Voice is the ability to access it even when the phone is locked by speaking "Hello Galaxy" or phrases to that affect, this cuts down user intervention involved in voice control and really enhances its uses. For example, if you were cooking and using your S3 to play music and wanted to change track – your hands covered in whatever – you can just breezily speak to your phone, no intervention, no mess just results. I know my brother couldn't do that with his iPhone 4S.

It certainly looks that, with today's announcement, Samsung is trying less to sell you a phone than it is to sell you an experience. With its new natural interaction features – incorporating S Voice – Samsung are wanting its potential buyers to see this as less of a phone and more of an experience. A seamless, stress-free one at that and I think there making a good job of it.


With the advent of S Voice going toe-to-toe with Siri on the iPhone, waves are sure to be made in the industry these coming months, as the S3 launches spring up all over the globe, now who wants to start taking bets on the dates for Apple and Samsung's next appearance in court?

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