Featured: Apple Files for Injunction Of Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Oh, Apple, you really do have no shame do you? I have no problem with people seeking for what is rightfully theirs – the very idea of patent enforcement however, Apple's audacity in strangling innovation through litigation quite frankly make me mad. It's one thing that Apple quite publicly took Apple to court across the globe last year wrongly claiming that the Galaxy S line of devices along with its Galaxy Tab resembled the iPhone and iPad in a way that would confuse consumers into choosing Samsung products over Apple products.

I thought it a joke then, and I still do now.

In Germany Samsung had to make some modifications to the software build to enable them to ship the device in those waters under the name of Galaxy Tab 10.1N. The ensuing court case didn't quite go Apple's way and they were both ordered to settle in mediation between the dates of May 21st and 22nd.  It appears Apple isn't content with delaying the launches of both the One X and EVO 4G LTE earlier in the week they now want another chance at the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Hardly the best way to kick off mediation between two companies is it, by poking the enemy.


It's become clear to me that Apple is a company that doesn't welcome nor want competition. If there's one company out there that wants to become the one and only then that's Apple. The way that Apple has done business these last few years has outlined clearly to me that they are not a company that wants to become part of a whole but, rather to become the whole entirely.

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