Featured: Apple And HTC Ordered To Meet On August 28th To Try And Settle Differences

Apple never was a fan of Android and over the years has pursued manufacturers with a vengeance, some would say because Steve Jobs thought of competitors in the space to have copied iOS and their designs. On May 15th, Apple successfully caused HTC's One X and EVO 4G LTE devices from being distributed in the United States due to past patent violations. A judge ruled in favor of a limited exclusion order which caused the devices to be held up at customs.

Supposedly, HTC violated multiple patents and was given until April 19th to make changes. Apparently, it wasn't certain if the tweaks that they made were enough which is why the two smartphones are being held up. In the meantime, HTC is doing what they can to work with customs and hopefully get the phones to AT&T and Sprint.

Because of all the issues that Apple has had with the Taiwanese company, a judge has ordered for both CEOs, Tim Cook and Peter Chou, to meet on August 28th to try and settle and get things worked out. It's worth nothing that Apple is also set to speak with Samsung on May 21st and 22nd to try and settle their differences as well.

It would be nice if for once and for all, the tech giant could finally come to an understanding and put all this patent foolishness aside. The reality is that as long as Apple continues to create new iPhones and market them as well as they have in the past, they will continue to thrive no matter what great Android phones are on the market. Instead of trying to remove the competition in a rather petty way, realize that there is room for both operating systems.

You can have both, you can't have either/or. Consumers won't allow for there to be one OS, one phone, one device.

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