Featured: Android Army to get a Shot In The Arm From Ubuntu?

There's a lot of strength behind this 'Android Army' of ours, with strong numbers of device activations and a vast range of devices from numerous manufacturers to choose from it definitely seems like we've got numbers on our side, not to mention choice. However, the iPhone 4S garnered strong sale results after its introduction towards the end of last year it seems that the Apple camp seems to be plugging on strong as well.

Some would say that there isn't a 'war' at all and I'm inclined to agree, my girlfriend - along with the rest of my family - has an iPhone and enjoys it, I certainly don't begrudge her for not accepting my recommendations of the latest and greatest Android devices, she wants to get things done easily and quickly, at the end of the day it's just a phone. However, something that has always bothered me with any Apple product is the lack of choice. One phone. Two colours. Two storage options. That's your lot, don't like the apps in the app store or the default apps of iOS. Tough.

As somebody that has used Linux for quite some years on and off, exclusively Ubuntu since two years ago I have no trouble swapping an application for another, a theme or whatever else at the drop of a hat. Now, for years the tech industry have been toting our smartphones as tomorrow's computers, if that's the case then Apple's model is seriously flawed in my eyes. It's my phone so why can't a run a different web browser by default? It's my phone so why can't I change the look of the keyboard by default? All these questions are answered by Android - change what you want, it's your phone.

This leads me to my point that the choice and variety of Android means that these devices can replace laptops and in some cases desktop machines, my tablet has replaced my laptop and I don't even miss it - save the keyboard - and I do perfectly fine with my 7" dual-core tab which is faster for browsing the web than my laptop ever was. Now, take Ubuntu for example - the latest version of which has just shipped - comes with many default applications but, hundreds more read and waiting for you to try and experiment with. The system is stable, fast and secure - much like our green friend.

Combine these two forces together and you're left with Ubuntu for Android - not some XDA special but the real deal - being based on Linux it has full support for the dual-core ARM processors that come rolling off the shelf on every new Android phone. You can run all applications that run on Ubuntu on your phone - once it's plugged into a dock that outputs to a monitor/TV and connectors for keyboards and mice. The whole Ubuntu OS fits into just 2GB - not much seeing as high-end models are gifted with 16 or more internal - and allows you a full web browser, full MS compatible office suite and much more. This is all running on the same Kernel - allowing you to share files between Ubuntu and Android. Imagine all of the files you keep on your phone - something that we store more on than ever - seamlessly available on your desktop because your phone is the desktop.

The idea of one device unifying everything is a trend that will become common in the near future, ASUS is pushing this with the EEE Pad Transformer line and taking it to the next level with the Padfone but, the idea of the phone in my pocket running my desktop when I get home is amazing, like, sci-fi amazing. I can't wait.

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