Featured: Dual-Booting Android / Windows 8 Transformer Teased in Asus Latest Computex Video

There seems to be a lot of fun-loving jokesters over at Asus. They recently released a Computex 2012 teaser video a couple of days ago that mentioned a very hazy statement about "the truly incredible NEXT TRANSFORMATIONS". I love teasers as much as the next, but could this be any more vague? Well they just released two more new videos this morning that hint at some sort of possible dual booting transformer device. The very first video from a couple of days ago teased a new transformer. Saying that the shape of the cloud is ever-changing and not to get set into one form. Then at the end of the video you see a very slight outline of what looks like a transformer tablet and its dock.

The first of these new videos which is just a bunch of water drops sliding around on-screen sheds a little more light on all of it, as it splits one bigger water drop into two, one with a Windows logo inside and the other with an Android logo. If this doesn't get you somewhat excited I don't know what will.

The third and last video kind of brings things full circle if you watch the other two as well. It starts out by showing you two sides of a sign, the word tai on one side and the word chi on the other. The sign then begins to spin until it looks like both sides are "uniting" right next to each other written on the same side. Watching all three of these videos in succession paints the whole picture and lays it out for people that they are obviously hinting at a new tablet. They are definitely teasing at something BIG. While it is unclear exactly what that is, these videos make a pretty compelling argument that it will be a tablet that will dual-boot Windows 8 and Android. (possibly jelly bean? We could only hope.)

Now who knows how Asus is planning on accomplishing this task. Perhaps users will be  allowed to choose an OS upon powering on the device. But they could also allow users to run android platform applications through windows by way of  Blue stacks. For those unfamiliar with blue stacks, it's a program for windows that allows you to use android applications from any device on your computer. The first option is probably the more likely of the two, but anything could be possible here. The other questions also left unanswered here are what versions of the respective OS's going to be? Will it be actual Windows 8 or Windows RT, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Possibly Android jelly bean? No matter how uncertain and indeterminate these videos and statements within seem to be, it's all very exciting. Coming from a huge Asus fan (that's me) the news of a new Asus tablet always excites me. As one who has been a follower of their products for the last year or two, I always look out for the next thing they plan to drop in our laps. Anyone else out there feel the same? Computex 2012 begins here in just under a week, and Asus will be entering Center stage on June 4.  Hopefully once this happens we'll get some more answers and possibly have something to chew on for a while.

I myself am a very happy owner of a transformer.  Any other big Asus fans out there? What do you guys make of all this? Watch the teasers for yourself and see what you come up with. Now I know I painted a very real and vivid picture of everything inside the videos that it was almost like you were watching them first hand, but here they are anyway. Enjoy and happy speculating!

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