Featured: Android coming to your Bathroom thanks to Seraku

Remember back when Samsung unveiled a new prototype at CES this year called the smart window? Well that's exactly what I thought of when I was reading this article. The smart wash basin from Seraku is not some super advanced sink that you just put your hands in and it cleans them for you. Although it's not too far off. No, the Smart Wash Basin from Seraku is an Android mirror not that unlike the window we saw from Samsung. The difference is that this smart wash basin takes cleaning hands to whole new level with a different approach.

Japanese company Seraku has a vision. We get our news, our weather, our social feeds..... pretty much anywhere. On our phones, tablets, computers and even the occasional print media every now and then. But what about when your washing your hands? The company's idea basically aims to make your network more pervasive with this android powered mirror. It uses RF proximity sensors to tell where your hands have been placed so that the glass can stay nice and clean while you flip through who's following you on twitter this week. You know you check, no one likes a liar. In addition to feeding your hunger for vast knowledge tied to the internets, the mirror even displays water flow and temperature so that you know just exactly how hot or cold and with how much pressure you'll be washing those hands under.

The mirror itself isn't doing all the leg work, Seraku says that an Android tablet is powering the mirror on the down low, and the display is a completely separate LCD monitor with an overlay of semi-transparent reflective glass to give it that mirrored finish. As stated by the rep of Seraku at Smartphone and Mobile expo, the mirror isn't ready for commercial use yet, but if and when the product launches, it sees two practical applications for it. In salons while you get that much-needed make over, and filling out questionnaires at drinking establishments. That second one is just as weird to me as it is to you. I know when im out having a beer with the guys the last thing I want to do is start answering a bunch of questions like it's an SAT test. I could overlook this though if I got to play with a giant android screen while doing so.

For more info and a hands on video check the back link to the original story over at The verge.

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