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Toady we take a look at the Top 10 Best Android Android Clock Widgets. It's been said that one of our main uses for smartphones has been to tell the time, I know I'm guilty of it - the watch on my wrist is purely for show, my phone tells me what time it is. In fact, I'm not even sure if the time on my watch is correct. To that end I've developed somewhat of an obsession with clock widgets - sure, the system clock in the notification bar tells me the time but, the right widget on your home screen can really celebrate the time or, fill you with dread at the thought of your procrastination.

1. Clockr Evolution 

It's been a long time sine this app has been updated, but it's still one of my favorites. It offers a good amount of customization without overwhelming you, with the right set up you can achieve a nice unique text-based clock that looks very nice indeed on your homescreen. Clockr is available in both free and donate versions. Personally, I think it's worth paying for the donate version as it includes a quite a bit more to customise with.


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2. ClockQ

ClockQ is my current clock of choice - the one I'm using on my phone and at times on my tablet. This is another text-based widget set-up, featuring a generous helping of different fonts along with (my favourite feature) the ability to rotate the clock - helping you to align the clock with wallpapers to make a truly badass homescreen like the one below. ClockQ also comes with a free and paid version, in order to remove ads in the configuration window.

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3. MIUI Evolution Reload Clock

Long names aside, this widget - heavily styled on those loaded into the MIUI ROMS - comes with a good helping of options and features. This clock can show you alsorts, ranging from the weather to even the moon phase. It's a very pretty clock and comes with a number of colored skins to match your wallpaper with.

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4. Beautiful Widgets Super Clock

No list of clock widgets - or any list of widgets - would be complete without featuring the wonderful Beautiful Widgets suite. This has long been a goto widget of mine - I use the weather widget regularly - and was one of my first apps that introduced me to the heavy customisation capabilities of Android years ago. It could be seen as a little pricey but, for me at least, it's well worth it. With a vast range of configurations to choose from it can make the perfect all-in-one clock widget.

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5. Pixel Art Clock Widget

This clock widget is something else, with a unique look that no other widget offers - plus some added extras - it adds a cool look to your homescreen without being too flashy. Whilst reminding us of a certain video game it delivers a wide range of colours and a bit of Android bling to our homescreens. With all the essentials of a clock widget, including tap-to-launch functionality this one makes for an attractive addition to any homescreen. As with other widgets in this list it comes as a free app as well as a donate version.

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6. One More Clock Widget

This is one for those who're looking for a more fancy widget to spruce up that homescreen. One More Clock combines a tonne of themes together and lets you customise on top of those to boot. If you're looking for a one stop shop of fancy looking widgets then look no further. Including a vast variety of themes - my favourite being the comic-book inspired clock - it offers no end of customisation in the clock department, it's also been tested to work properly with WidgetLocker expanding your options ever further. To gain even more you can pay for the donate version too.

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7. Ice Cream Sandwich Clock

For those who are still waiting for Android 4.0 to hit their device(s) they can enjoy some of the stylings from Google's latest and greatest with this analogue clock widget. Nowadays we underestimate the reliability of the good old clock face, it's familiar without boring and you always know where you stand with no 24-hours messing around. It's easy on the eye and brings a subtlety to your homescreen.

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8. Digital Clock Disc Widget

For those of us that live our lives in digital but still love a nice clock face then this is the one for you. Featuring graphics that tie in nicely with Ice Cream Sandwich with a clean and easy to read clock displayed in the middle of the face this Disc Widget gives you best of both worlds. With a good amount of options it's easy to get a configuration that suits you best.

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9. MIUI Analog Clock

This is the clock that came with the first releases of MIUI, the clock that started it all off, it's simple, it's pretty and it tells the time. It ticks all the boxes and comes in a number of sizes. For those who want a stylish clock with little more it's the perfect choice.

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10. Nixie Clock Widget

I think at some point any of us with even a slight amount of geek DNA will have wanted to own a Nixie Tube clock. Their price however, doesn't always afford us the option - sure, you could build them for a bit less but, why not get the obsession out of your system with a widget for your beloved Smartphone instead? Offering a number of widgets this app helpfully gets the nixie look and feel for just a little less than a real tube clock.

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