Featured: Samsung Might Have Won the Nexus 4 Contract. Could We See the Dual Core 2 Ghz Exynos 5250 In It?

The way Google assigns the Nexus contract (meaning who gets to make the next Nexus device) is they pit the manufacturers against each other and see who is able to make the best device for their liking, with the specs that they want. It seems Samsung has done it once again, and will be making the next Nexus smartphone this fall, which would be the 3rd time in a row for them.

Originally, we heard rumors about HTC or even LG getting it (those were probably just the devices they had to showcase), but according to new rumors, Samsung has outdone  them once again. Google wants the Nexus device to be one of the best in the market when it launches, so if that means having to pick Samsung for the 3rd time in a row then so be it, and better luck next time for the other manufacturers. Maybe they need to try harder.

So besides being excited that the next Nexus will be made by Samsung, considering Samsung is probably the best Android manufacturer right now in terms of making quality devices, the biggest thing that is the most exciting to me is the potential for this phone to have the dual core 2 Ghz Exynos 5250 chip inside it, which is based on Cortex A15 and Mali T604.

For the past 2 Nexus generations, Google and Samsung have made mostly rehashed Galaxy S devices, which put me in a position of choosing between the best hardware on the market, or having stock Android and getting updates from Google. But why can't we have both? For the first time since the Nexus One, we might finally see that happening again.

The Exynos 5250 should be the most powerful mobile chip released this year, and it should already be in production. It's unfortunate that we're not seeing it in the Galaxy S3, because it also made me think that Samsung must use it for another device this fall. And that could only be the next Nexus or the Galaxy Note 2. But now we might get it in both. Although the first time we'll see this chip is probably going to be in Samsung's next gen tablet with a 2560x1600 high-resolution display, which might arrive by the end of this summer.

I'm looking forward to seeing that chip in action, and finally moving away from Cortex A9 (well I guess the S4 counts, too), and finally having a next-gen Nexus device. The only thing that is left, and I hope Samsung does it with the Galaxy S3, is moving away from using cheap-feeling plastic material in the next Nexus. It would also be nice if the design would be different than just a slightly evolved Galaxy S3 (like the Galaxy Nexus was compared to the S2). It should have its own unique flavors, and hopefully it will be designed by Matias Duarte instead.

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