Featured: Meizu First to Release Exynos A9 Quad-Core Handset

MEIZU MX Quad core

They say patience is a virtue, well when it comes to technology buffs and smart phone junkies, we have very little of it and waiting for the latest and greatest can sometimes feel worse than hitting your foot with a hammer. Well, waiting for a device that features the much hyped Exynos A9 quad-core processor from Samsung is almost over, at least for our friends in China.

Enter the Meizu MX Quad-Core, the world’s first phone featuring the fast little chip.Announced yesterday by Meizu, a Hong Kong based company, which was in their own words, “…created for the Dream…” certainly have me dreaming.

The Meizu MX Quad-Core is built around the Exynos Cortex A9 Quad-Core processor, and at first glance looks like an iPhone, but when you look closer and notice the black pearl-like home button, and the unique pin-hole led back and menu buttons, gives it an elegance the iPhone is missing. Between the black bezel sits a 4″ 292PPI 1080P HD Advanced Super View display with no visible pixels which is sure to make the pictures you take with its F/2.2 8MP Backside Illuminated camera, or video chats with mom using its front-facing camera, look true to life.  Its metal frame is sure to give it a sturdy feel, while its white back cover, also available in blue, green, pink and purple pastels, helps to complete the look.

It will be running Android 4.0 skinned with Meizu’s own Flyme UI which automatically backs up your data to the cloud, and its HSPA+ 21mbps connectivity should provide a smooth experience. The Meizu MX Quad-Core will feature both 32 and 64 gigabytes of onboard storage and should be available in June at all Meizu’s retail locations. As for pricing you are looking at    ¥3999/4999 CNY or $3099/4099 HKD for the 32/64Gb models respectively. (Don’t sweat, that’s only $399/499 USD)

Still don’t see why I am dreaming of a US release, see for yourself and what others are saying on the Meizu forums here or the Meizu website here.