Featured: LG D1L To Feature Wireless Charging; Rival Galaxy SIII?


Wires. I don't if I speak for everyone but, I hate wires, don't get me wrong a lot of things in my life need wires thus meaning I need to manage these wires. That's something that I have become good at over the years, in part to having a desk with far too much on it and my insistence on owning silly gaming mice. If someone could tell me that I could do away with cable management, I'd more than likely eat their hand off.

LG seems poised to be a major player to bring this, as standard, to the market with the as yet unannounced LG Optimus D1L. This isn't the first time that LG have dabbled with the technology, last year LG launched the Revolution with Verizon (which wasn't eaxctly a hit) that could be charged wirelessly but, it did need a replacement backplate. Wireless charging is something that could well make battery life woes a little easier to deal with, taking out the middle-man.


The LG D1L seems like it could be a compelling device, one to go toe-to-toe with Samsung, that looks set to drag in a good amount of sales figures. There's already been quite amount of info leaked about the upcoming D1L, including info that it'll come with the Snapdragon S4 which seems to be the CPU of 2012 (so much so that they might struggle to deliver the high demand) and a 4.7-inch display. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that LG has gone head-to-head with its Korean rival Samsung, launching a Note competitor at MWC earlier in the year.

If the D1L does indeed come with wireless charging then it could well be, along with Galaxy S III, one of those rare pioneers to bring in a truely new technology in this evolutionary smartphone market, LG might not have sparked a Revolution the first time round but, it may well do in 2012.

[Via: AndroidAuthority]

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