Featured: Google Shows It Can Still Innovate with Project Glass. Big Time

We've known from a few weeks ago that Google is going to launch some Google HUD glasses sometime by the end of the year (although that isn't set in stone either). They've also said that they will start a closed testing phase very soon, and apparently that phase is starting now, and they've even made an amazing introduction, which is probably Google's best video ad ever, to show the potential and capabilities of such a device.

I have to admit I'm very impressed by the design of the glasses and how it intends to work. I expected the glasses to be a lot bulkier than that, and more like real sunglasses. The reason for that is both because that's what the initial rumors said, and also because I didn't think the technology is there yet to make them very slim and modern.

They need pretty powerful mobile hardware, a big enough battery to last you say at least 5 hours, and there's hardly any place where to put all of that, especially on something that looks like the glasses in the picture. But if Google pulled this off, and they are able to launch them by the end of the year, then that's something very impressive, especially coming from Google, mostly a web company.

It also shows that Google's innovation is not gone, but it's stronger than ever. The self-driving cars and now this - Google is clearly trying to innovate a lot more in the hardware space, because they believe they can do more interesting things with both hardware and software than just software. The next few years, after the Motorola transaction is fully complete, are going to be very interesting for Google.

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