Featured: Google Drive Launches With 5GB Free, Search Files And More


The long awaited arrival is finally here. Google Drive is officially available from drive.google.com and so far, the response is fairly positive. A cloud storage service from Google has been talked about for some time and it wasn't until recently that it was clear that the tech giant was going to be coming out with something.

One of the first benefits right off the bat is that you get 5GB of free storage. A similar competitor, DropBox, only gives you 2GB of free storage. Pricing is also very reasonable and starts at $2.49/month for 25GB, all the way up to 16TB for $799.99/month. Taking a glance at the interface once you enable it on your Google account, it looks pretty much the same as Google Docs and is actually in place of where Docs once was.



Instead of seeing "Docs" on the black Google bar, you'll see "Drive" which is where you access all your files and can create documents. The desktop app is very simple and straightforward. Once you download and install, you'll have a folder that says Google Drive and simply drag and drop the files you want to sync, just like with other competitors.


  • No need to send bulky attachments. Simply link to a file or files in Google Drive and people can access them.
  • Use Google+? Share pictures or videos from your Drive account.
  • Ability to search files based on keywords and filter by file type, owner, and more.
  • View files directly on Google Drive, anywhere from videos to photoshop files.
  • Integration with many different apps.
  • Want to view changes to a file? Go back up to 30 days to different revisions.

The mobile app launched as well today and, similar to DropBox, you can view and edit files as well as sync files to and from your mobile device. Scotty Brown from RootzWiki did a great walkthrough of the app which you can check out below:


Will you be using Google Drive or do you use something else?