Featured: Galaxy SIII to be Major Update, or Incremental? Does it Matter?


Across the web today rumours sprung up all over citing that the Galaxy SIII(or whatever the mythical beast is to be named) is likely to be only an incremental 'bump' over the SII of last year. Throughout most of the year we've been hearing things of the next Galaxy Flagship, a 1080p screen here, wireless charging there etcetera, etcetera. Now the rumour mill is saying that the SIII will only be an incremental bump in specs.

The only thing we do know about this upcoming device, is that'll run Android 4.0 (let's face it, it has to at this point), have a touch-screen and be a phone. I don't think that Samsung would bring a phone of this calibre to the table without a slew of fantastic features, we've seen them do it before with the original Galaxy S in the form of Super AMOLED and thin and sleek hardware (it was 2010 remember folks). They've long been the company to polarise the market with their devices, turning heads as they do it, a slew of tablets every size possible, the revival of the stylus anyone? All of this has come from Samsung, meaning we know that they can, and will, deliver something brilliant this time around.

It's April of 2012, and already we've seen some fantastic phones launched, in the form of HTC's One line and upcoming devices from Huawei looking to create waves as well with quad-core processors sure to become the norm for high-end. With all of this, it's hard to imagine the company that makes nigh-on all of it's components in-house to not bring it's A-Game in such a competitive year for Android.


There's one thing that is a certainty, this phone will be announced, we'll all be hearing about it launching all over the world, all year long and that it'll be a stellar device. The Galaxy S line has long been a massive hit for Samsung, a huge tie to US Carriers and an international success. 2012 would hardly be the year for them to drop the ball now would it?

Whatever happens, whether they do too much or do too little, it'll no doubt be a solid release with the latest version of Android onboard, does it matter if it comes with feature x or y? Is it still going to be a great device? Yes.

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