Featured: Galaxy SIII Starts its World Tour Early...In Vietnam

Oh Samsung, you've already begun your fabled World Tour early haven't you? With Gizmodo Brazil s showing off a leak they had been tipped earlier in the week and now Vietnamese site Tinthe has it's own little surprise to share with us now. The Vietnamese site captured the above photo of a dummy GT-i9300 hiding what they claim to be the Galaxy S III, it certainly looks like they could be right, what with the Android version along with the on-screen buttons (something Google and Samsung have moved away from on the Galaxy Nexus). Unsurprisingly enough it seems Tinhte have now taken the article off of the site, this could be more telling than anything as out of the countless Galaxy S III rumours that spring up over the web, this seems to have sunk as quick as it had risen.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words; So How Much Does A Video Say?

Whilst the original source of this, Tinthe, has taken down their article The Verge have added the original video to their post meaning we can all still sit back and enjoy. The video (as you'll see) seems to out a number of specs of the device (if it is indeed the SIII), such an 1184x720 screen, aka 720p with onscreen buttons, an 8-megapixel camera along with what looks to be a lightly skinned version of Ice Cream Sandwich. Perhaps the most peculiar skinning is that the Android keys look to have been reordered for some unknown reason, which certainly strikes me as bizarre but, the fact it has these at all suggests that this could well be the next Galaxy as no phone in their current line-up (bar the Gnex) has these buttons. Right at the end of the video, Tinhte have added that it features a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.4 Ghz, something that has long been rumoured, and since confirmed. Along with the spotting of the Mali-400 GPU, something that anandtech.com were impressed with last year, couple this with a fast CPU and you could well be in for hell of a phone.

What the Video Doesn't Tell Us

The video doesn't confirm any of the crazy rumours that we've heard so far, in fact it basically debunks all the myths. The feature of the 720p screen goes against previous 1080p rumours, along with the debunking of the mythical 12-megapixel sensor tipped to be onboard. It certainly doesn't tell us much about the design, what can one say about a seemingly unassuming black slab?

This Doesn't Seem that Awesome; What's Going On Here?

I'm going to take a fairly wild stab in the dark here and say that I believe this to be the Galaxy SII, or at least one version of it. I believe that this year Samsung is going to unveil two Galaxy Phones come May 3rd. The specs here don't look like much to battle the One X if you ask me, as such I believe that Samsung may well be putting out an all-rounder - that isn't as expensive as their usual offerings - alongside an all singing, all dancing superphone. They'd be well-wise to do this, they'd capture more of the market and strengthen the Galaxy brand no end. As always, we won't really know anything until May 3rd comes and goes.

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