Sponsored App Review: GeoCam AR Pro


GeoCam AR Pro


GeoCam AR Pro is a powerful tool designed for the creation, viewing, and sharing of geographical photos for the Android platform.  The GeoCam AR Pro concept is very intriguing and should prove very useful in a number of situations, due to its ability to save location, camera orientation, and comments in a single shot. One use case could be reporting the location of an accident, all of the included information could prove invaluable for law enforcement and other entities.  It could also be used in sharing locations when giving directions or for keeping personal notes of where things are located that you think you may not remember later. None the less it is a powerful tool and one that many users will find useful and come up with many new ways to adapt the information it makes available.


How To

GeoCam AR Pro is one of the easiest to learn apps considering how much functionality is present. The main screen is a grid line camera interface with a small preview of the Geo location to left as shown above. Along the top and bottom are bars showing you the coordinates and accuracy information at that time. The accuracy and location were available almost instantly upon opening that app so speed again was not a problem if you needed to open the app and take a quick shot of something going on or while passing by.

While taking a picture the size of the geographic preview frame decreases in scope as accuracy improves allowing you to pinpoint exactly where and how far away the item in the picture is.


To create a report like the one shown to the left you must select the image preview button located under the shutter which will bring you to a split screen preview of both your picture and geographic information. From there press the menu button and select report to add any comments you may have which will appear in the white box on the bottom shown to the left. After making your comments you can select which app you would like to use the view the created PDF file and from there you can share it whichever way you chose or save it for later. I created a GeoCam Report of the Matador statue on my campus which you can see here PRE00010.


While test driving GeoCam AR Pro I have the app to be a powerful tool, that makes it very easy to share detailed reports of anything you wish. It's as easiest as opening the app snapping the photo and adding comments all the work is done for you. The output is a professional PDF file that you can share or save in any number of ways just as you would any other file on your Android device.  This tool is useful in both professional and social situations and there is both a free and paid version depending on your needs. They also have a service for storing and sharing of geophotos – http://www.geo-photo.net


  • Speed (4.5/5) – The app is surprisingly fast in all its operations.
  • Features (4/5) – Provides all the useful information, along with tools to annotate and share reports.
  • Theme (4/5) – Very useful tool that I had no idea I had a use for before giving it a try.
  • Overall (4/5) – A great app with all the necessary features, and quick operation.


GeoCam  is a great app with tons of functionality and an unlimited amount of usage cases. You may not think you have much use for it, because I didn't think I either before giving it a try. After using it for a few days I have found it a handy tool to add to my arsenal of apps. It's polished in operation and in the reports it outputs as PDF files for uploading or sharing. With both free and paid versions I recommend giving it a try and I bet you find it useful of ways you never thought of before actually having it at your disposal.


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