Featured: Android Game Review – WordsWorth

April 8, 2012 - Written By Randy Arrowood

App Name
WordsWorth by 99 Games

WordsWorth is a surprisingly simple little word game that doesn’t overload you with ads, flashy graphics or obnoxious music. It is a clean, simple, well designed board of letter tiles that challenges you to spell as many words as you can and your reward is determined by the number of letters it takes you to spell your words.

You can spell words forward, backwards, up, down or even up and then down. As long as your letters are in the proper order to spell the word, and all of the tiles used to spell your word are touching one another, that’s a valid move.

How it works
You begin the game by deciding whether you want to play alone, against a friend or if you’re up for the challenge of a game against a random person. I really don’t like having my game play slowed by waiting for someone else to make their move, so I played this game mostly in single player mode. My review is based in large part on single player game use.

In single player mode you have three options for game play:

  • Classic – Not timed in any way. Spell as many words as you can and take your time doing it. There are Timed Tiles that can end your game early,  just use the tile in a word spelling and your game goes on.
  • Timed – Just what you think it means. You can earn tiles for additional time by spelling words that contain more letters than the minimum for a valid word,  but time eventually runs out.
  • Tumble – Interesting and challenging way to play the game.  You start with a single row of tiles and additional tiles fall in as the game moves on.  You still get Wildcard and Timed Tiles along with the others.

The game begins when you spell your first word. As you move through game play you’ll advance in levels as you spell more words, score more points and achieve goals that involve more challenging tasks. You’ll also begin the introduction to the additional game tiles.

Depending on how you choose to play the game, you’ll see different colored tiles that can either enhance your game of kill it depending on what falls onto your board. There are about 12 different types of challenge tiles, but the big ones and their use in-game play are:

  • Blue tile with a star in the middle – Wildcard tile. Can be used in any word as any letter to complete the word.
  • Gold tiles – Can be tough to recognize because of the color of the default word tiles, but when you use them to spell a word they are worth huge points.
  • Auto shuffle tile – These tiles have a diamond like pattern on them and when used to spell a word your board shuffles. It’s a free shuffle that doesn’t take away one of your 3 shuffles.
  • Timed tile – Get rid of this one as quickly as you can.  When the border fills in with red your game is over. In later rounds you’ll also see defuse tiles show up on your board that will defuse all of your timed tiles when used in a word.

Aside from that, you spell words. It really is just that simple. The additional tile types are meant to make the game more interesting and to raise the challenge of the game.

I’m a sucker for a simple but challenging word game and that describes WordsWorth perfectly.  There are tutorials available in the game, but you’ll start playing right away because the game just makes sense. If you skip the tutorials like I did, you’ll be reminded about different tiles and what they do as they are introduced to the game, so you really can just jump in to playing the game.

The design of the game is, well,  it’s also simple. You won’t get distracted by flashy colors or annoying sounds. You’ll notice primary colors and simple music. The only really changes that happened to me during the game was the music tone changed as my timed tiles were running out.  It’s a clean, unobtrusive layout and I really appreciated that aspect of the game.

Just when you feel you have the game down stone cold, you’ll see new tile types added to the game to change things up.  Wildcard tiles are your friend, and Timed tiles are your enemy. You’ll appreciate both as the game moves on.

I really liked this game and I’m going to drop Words with Friends now that I have my friends playing WordsWorth as well.


  • Speed (5/5) – The game plays just as slowly or quickly as you like.
  • Features (4/5)  – You can’t change much about how the game is played. The pop up ad is very poorly placed.
  • Theme (4/5) – The theme and sounds are simple, but the simplicity of the music in the game gets a little tiring after a while.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Well thought out and challenging game. Easy to play, but not overly simplified.


  • Game design is simple. You aren’t overwhelmed by graphics or music.
  • Single player mode. Some word games don’t offer solo mode.
  • Tile options that change the game and keep it interesting.


  • Music is unobtrusive at first, but becomes tough to listen to after a few levels of the game.
  • Triple tapping didn’t work very well for me. I had to tap tiles 6 or 7 times to make my selections.
  • Pop up ad is really poorly placed for the gamer. It pops up over the word selection bar at the top and if you aren’t paying attention you’ll hit the ad whether you were trying to or not.


  • Blue tiles are your friends. I saved mine in most games to get them close to tougher letters.
  • When in doubt, spell it out. SIC was worth 368 points for me.
  • Spell words with 3 vowels, select a single letter to remove entirely from your current board.
  • Play the red timed tiles as quickly as you can. If you wait, you’ll either forget or won’t have a word to spell with them without using one of your shuffles.

I loved this game from the start. Puzzles and word games have been a favorite of mine for most of my life, and I had no other choice than to fall for this game as soon as I saw it. It also passed the infant test as my daughter was mesmerized by the sights and sounds as soon as I started playing the game with her on my lap.

I’ve played other word games that are much more flashy and distracting, but WordsWorth has uprooted that other word game from my phone. I’ve even managed to convert the people who I used to play Words With Friends with to playing WordsWorth with me instead.

Google Play Store Link: WordsWorth by 99 Games

Amazon: 99games.in/wordsworth-amazon
NOOK: 99games.in/wordsworth-nook